Sonia Aimy drops 11-track CD in June


Toronto-based Nigerian act, Sonia Aimy, is set to drop her second album, Nigerian Spirit, in June.

In a telephone conversation with Rhythm Africa, she reveals the motivation behind Nigerian Spirit and what she hopes to achieve with the message at the core of the songs in the forthcoming album.

Nigerian Spirit came from a craving to see Nigeria’s prosperity at all level. Nigerian people are very lively: we are one of the happiest people in the world in spite of the conflicts and political situation of the country.”

Speaking further on the Nigerian people of West Africa, she asserts: “No matter the situation, a Nigerian person would always find a way to be happy and to succeed in whatever he or she does. That spirit of being keen and meticulous is unique in what Nigerians do.”

In spite of the boisterious nature of the people of her country of birth, Aimy points out that “the Nigerian spirit has its side effects. As a result, the nation is still struggling to identify good leadership, to fight corruption, to end religious conflicts, and to provide security for the people.”

The album, which is a celebration and admonition of the Nigerian nation, has nine tracks and two radio-edits.

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